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  The Ultimate Truck Parking Guide 
By ParkMyRig   TM

6th Edition

      "When you need a space, we've got the place."  TM


The Parking guide is a comprehensive cataloging of both:
Traditional Truck Stops & Alternative Truck Parking locations.

Would you like to know what stores allow Truck Parking?

Do you want to find Grocery Stores that allow truck parking?

  Do you want to find Department Stores that allow truck parking such as:
Walmart, Kmart, Kohl's, Cabela's, & Target

    Do you want to know which Restaurants and Fast Foods are ahead with Truck Parking?

Golden Corral, Ryan's, KFC, Wendy's, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King            

  Now you can even find Malls, Flea Markets, PetSmart, and Sam's Clubs.
The Parking Guide Also Includes Attractions Such As:
     Cinemas, Casinos, White Water Rafting, Caves,
Parking near Beaches, and more
Also Included In The Guide
Notations Indicating
Locations Offering Truck Drivers:
Free WiFi (1,200 locations), Free Showers, Free Coffee,
Free Soda, Free CB Bench Checks,
even a Free Motel to CDL drivers

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Cover: Laminated with Glossy Coating
Size Print: Large Print (Font size 12)
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11.25"

Perfect Bound
Pages:  386 pages

Publisher: ParkMyRig, LLC (USA)
Author: LeRoy Clemmer

Printed and bound in the USA
ISBN-13: 978-1543130584 (Perfect Binding)
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Virginia decided to close many Rest Areas, but I-81 in Virginia still has 30 exits that allow truck parking with over 2900 parking spaces for semi-trucks.

"The Ultimate Truck Parking Guide" (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the guide tell me what side of the Interstate the business is located on?
Yes, the guide will note N, S, E, or W to indicate (North, South, East, or West side on Interstate)..

What kind businesses are listed? 
Any business that has truck parking to include: Truck Stops, Malls, Discount Stores, Amusement Parks, Walmarts, Wholesale Clubs, Grocery Stores, Casinos, Full Service Restaurants, Fast Food Restaurants, Department Stores, Cabela's, Rest Areas, DOT Scales, Cinema's and more.

Will the guide provide how many parking spaces are available? Yes

What if I cannot see the Truck Stop or Business from the ramp? Directions are given if needed.

What if a store has signs posted?
Signs that are posted are indicated by parenthesis, for instance: "No Overnight Parking", "Customer Parking Only", "2 Hour Limit", etc

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